From the day we are born, we accept teaching, instruction and coaching from so many, our parents, wider family and teachers are examples, so that we get the right start in so many things we do. The same applies to fly fishing. The right start leads to so much more fun and enjoyment!

As an Introduction to fly fishing, or for some a Re-Introduction, we provide 2 approaches.


The Freshen Up

Our second approach came about at the request of a friend returning to fly fishing after a break of some years. This is a 2-hour session covering and refining the essential casts so that you are confident in your abilities and can fish your chosen location comfortably and safely.

This is then followed by further coaching or guiding on the same day for a long as you wish. We can also cover the latest fishing techniques or help where faults are occurring, particularly in casting.

This is a flexible and adaptable session to meet your needs. What is very interesting is that so many move into our Advanced Sessions as soon as they have tried this. It's also great fun!

The First-Time Fly Fisher

To give you the right start in your fly fishing life we provide sessions for the complete beginner so you are able to fish with ease, in safety and comfort.

These sessions include an understanding of the right tackle, an insight into our quarry (the Trout and Grayling), natural Fly Life (or Bugs Without the Latin), artificial Fly selection, a few important Knots and the appropriate fly fishing techniques. Each session is tailored to your needs.

We will help you with the essential casts and Most Importantly we go fishing as soon as possible: the beginner is truly hooked on fly fishing with the first fish caught on the fly!! 


Taking the First (or Second) Step

For beginners, those returning or needing to freshen up, either as individuals or groups, sessions can be provided based on your needs. Time spent learning well at the outset or improving, as you walk along life’s fishing path, is invaluable to a long, fun fly fishing life.

If you would like to enquire about an introductory coaching session from Fly Fishing with RJP, you can call Roger on 07753 123518 or complete the simple enquiry form. Prices start from £75 per 2 hour session but make sure to read our full price list for a complete breakdown. If you can't find what you would like then do call and we will do our very best to meet your wishes.