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So Who Is RJP? 

I’m addicted to fly fishing and helping others to enjoy this wonderful pastime. With over 35 plus years fishing experience, I decided to share my passion with as many people as possible becoming an Angling Trust Licensed Game Angling Coach and Associate of the Game Angling Instructors Association.

I firmly believe that "to be a good fly caster you do not need to be a good fisher, but to be a good fly fisher you need be a good caster of the fly".

I Would Like Everyone to be a Good Fly Fisher

That's why I want to take you fly fishing and provide advice on fishing techniques, coaching sessions and guided days as well as casting instruction. I am constantly seeking to improve my own technical capability and casting and therefore yours. Most importantly, I want you to have fun safely.

I have fished from the Snowy Mountains of Australia to the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA, in the Indian Ocean of Mauritius, estuaries in South Africa, via several European streams to numerous rivers and backwaters of the USA. I’m also at home on the lochs, lakes, rivers and streams throughout the UK and Eire. I relish the challenges of wild trout and grayling in small rivers and streams.


I Take Great Satisfaction in Introducing People of All Ages to Fly Fishing

I have enhanced clearance through DBS to coach and teach children and vulnerable adults with the support of their parents or guardians. I am also First-Aid qualified.

As the Lead Coach and Coordinator for Fishing For Life (FFL) in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire I am committed to supporting this breast cancer charity and many other charitable activities.


Environment and Conservation

The protection of our environment, fisheries and the fish in them as well as the other flora and fauna associated with them is a priority for me. I do not want to be asked by my grandchildren, when they appear, “Where have all the fish gone?”

When fishing wild fish waters we have a strict Catch and Release approach and only use barbless hooks to quickly release fish. We ensure all fish caught are swiftly and safely returned. We believe in the statement “Take nothing away, leave nothing behind but footprints”.


Memberships and Associations

Roger Patrick is a member, licensee or associate member of numerous angling and charity associations.